What commands does Plant Mindr understand?

Plant Mindr is pretty clever, and can understand a lot of commands! Here are a few to get you started:

  • Add a new plant
  • What needs watering today?
  • When does my fiddle fig need watering?
  • When did I last water the succulents?
  • How often do I water the rosemary?

And, if you've already started talking about a particular plant you can ask follow up questions without needing to keep referring to the plant by name. In the example below, because you've already mentioned the fiddle fig Plant Mindr knows you're still talking about it in the follow up questions:

  • When did I last water the fiddle fig?
  • When does it next need watering?
  • How often do I water it?

How do I remove a plant?

Just say remove the {plant name}.

What if a plant doesn't need watering today?

Easy! Just tell Plant Mindr, it doesn't need watering, and it will be rescheduled to the next day.

What if I watered a plant a few days ago and forgot to tell Plant Mindr?

You don't always have to be talking about waterings from today. Just tell Plant Mindr, I watered the {plant name} three days ago, and it will record the watering.